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    Big Cash Real Money Gaming Platform offers a VIP Club membership program that provides exclusive benefits and privileges to its members. To become a VIP member players are required to complete a specified bet value within 30 days, which works as a qualification criteria. 

    The membership is designed to reward loyal and active players who consistently engage with the Big Cash platform. As a VIP club member, you can expect a range of benefits such as enhanced rewards, personalized promotions, and exclusive bonuses. 

    There are three Levels in your VIP club journey - 

    • VIP - You will become a VIP once you complete ₹ 5000 bet value. 
    • VIP Plus - After becoming VIP if you complete ₹ 50,000 bet value you will become VIP Plus.
    • VIP Pro - After becoming VIP Plus you will need to complete the bet value of ₹ 1,00,000 to become a VIP Pro member. 

    These clubs come with different sets of rewards and bonuses. Here is the list of rewards and bonuses you can get once you achieve these levels. 

    VIP VIP Plus VIP Pro
    2x Daily Rewards 3x Daily Rewards 5x Daily Rewards
    ₹ 10 Weekly Bonus ₹ 30 Weekly Bonus ₹ 100 Weekly Bonus
    Exclusive Contest Exclusive Contest Exclusive Contest
    Higher Referal Bonus of ₹ 20 Higher Referal Bonus of ₹ 20 Higher Referal Bonus of ₹ 20
    Redeem up to ₹ 20000 Redeem up to ₹ 30000 Redeem up to ₹ 50000
    Exclusive Tournaments Exclusive Tournaments Exclusive Tournaments
    Redeem 1 time a day Redeem 2 times a day Redeem 3 times a day

    VIP Club FAQs 

    1- How to Become VIP Plus?

    You have to do a cumulative bet of ₹ 50,000 in 30 days to become a VIP plus user. 

    2- How to stay VIP?

    You have to maintain your ₹ 5,000 bets in 30 days to stay a VIP user. 

    Terms & Conditions 

    • If a user is unable to achieve the given target in 30 days, they will not be able to avail benefits of the VIP club. 
    • We will check the cumulative bet value of the user on the Big Cash app for the given cycle and on the basis of the cumulative bet achieved, the user will be allocated the respective VIP club status.