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  • Rummy 1K Freeroll Daily

    Are you a fan of rummy? If so, then check out the rummy tournament on the Big Cash app! This is your chance to compete against other players and win up to 1000 ₹ in cash prizes. If you score first rank you will get 100₹. 

    • To join the tournament, all you need to do is download the Big Cash app and sign up for an account.
    • Once you're logged in, navigate to the rummy tournament section and register for the next available event.
    • The tournament is open to players of all skill levels, so whether you're a seasoned pro or a beginner, you'll have a chance to win big.
    • There will be three levels.
    Level Time Pt. Value Re-Buy Reload
    1 7 Mins 10 ₹1.0 1600
    2 7 Mins 15 ₹1.0 2400
    3 7 Mins 20 NA NA

    • Up to 10000 players can register in a single tournament. 
    • Players can win real cash from the prize pool of ₹1000. Here is the break-up of the prize pool- 
    Rank Prize
    1 ₹100
    2 ₹50
    3-100 ₹2
    101-754 ₹1

    The tournament format may vary depending on the number of players, but you can expect a fast-paced and exciting game of rummy. There will be multiple rounds of play, with the winners of each round advancing to the next until a final winner is determined.

    So why not put your rummy skills to the test and join the big cash app's rummy tournament? With up to 1000 rs in cash prizes on the line, this is your chance to prove your skills and win big. Don't miss out on the opportunity to be the next big winner!