Types of Rummy: A Complete Guide To Different Variations Of Rummy

Type of Rummy Games

The rapid growth of card games has been exceptionally evident among users. More and more people are inclined towards the rummy game as it is available on smartphones for smooth and easy gameplay with massive rewards. As it is growing popular day by day, you need to know more of its variations by now and should keep an eye on the standard rules for the same. Even though the guidelines are the same, the ways are different to play and win in different games.

You Should Know About the Three Main Types of Rummy Games.

  • 13 Card rummy
  • 21 Card Rummy
  • Gin & Contract Rummy

These are the popular variants with which you can win big cash rewards! So, start playing now to have your winnings transferred to your bank account.

13 Card Rummy

It is the most played rummy game in India which is loved by the maximum number of users all over the world. In this game, each player is dealt 13 cards and the rules recommend that you should have at least one pure sequence. Also, one impure sequence should be there to be grouped to declare your game.

Now, there are some different types of 13-card rummy games.

Indian Rummy

It is a type of rummy game with 13 cards which is seen to be a cross between Gin and 500 rummy. This one is most popular in India and the game follows the sets and sequences. The game starts with a 52-card deck and for a 6-player game, there are two decks of 52 cards!

Points Rummy

This game is played for points once you are done pre-deciding the rupee value. The player would win when he declares and get a total score of 0. Then the one who loses the game would have to calculate the remainder of the points that are seen to be in non-sets and that would be added.

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Pool Rummy

This version of the rummy game is based on the rounds. It is very much similar to the points rummy and is played till the last player has over 61, 101 or 201 points in his arena based on the type being played. The winning player of each round would get 0 points. However, this rummy variant takes the longest time to finish one round.

Deals Rummy

This type of rummy variant has a fixed number of cards to be dealt by each player. There are chips to play with a fixed amount and at the end of every round, the winner would win the chips based on the scores. The one with higher chips takes over the game!

21 Card Rummy

The very major difference for this game is players are dealt with 21 cards and they have to make at least 3 pure sequences to win! So, this version turns out to be a difficult one for the players. You also get a 30-point penalty if you drop out! But, the use of a joker is very different in this game, as there are upper and lower jokers assigned to the players. They can be used as any substitute for the cards to make any type of impure sequence in the game.

Gin Rummy

This is considered to be a 2-4 player game. The players are dealt with 10 cards each to form their sets and sequences in order to win. One of the major differences stands out is that the “Ace card” can also be the first card which would be followed by 2 and 3. The player can also win without having a full valid set of cards.

Contract Rummy

This game is based on the Gin Rummy. Generally, seven rounds are involved in this version of the game. The players need to collect a certain combination of sequences and the game gets difficult when it proceeds as in the last rounds, they have to deal with 12 cards instead of 10 cards.


This version started in Spain and has now gained a lot of popularity among users. In this game, the Joker and 2s have the position of wild cards. This game is known to be a variant of 500 Rummy. The game is mostly played with 4 players with a partnership of 2-2 players. The game is played with 2 sets of 52 cards.

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